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Earwax is an efficient self-cleaning service for your ears and helps to protect the ear canal from bacteria and debris that can cause infections. Ear wax is produced naturally by glands in the ear canal and the wax is essential to ear health but sometimes wax can become hard and impacted, which can cause impaired hearing and be very uncomfortable.

If you suffer pain or bleeding from the ear, sudden deafness, buzzing or dizziness,  your ears may need to be syringed. 

If they do need syringing, the ear wax needs to be softened for around 5-7 days before syringing takes place. In terms of the process, it takes very little time to do. A syringe tool is used to insert water into the ear which will then flush the wax out of the ear to clear it. The process is quick and we can arrange to visit at any time convenient to you.

Please Note: Some people may suffer from the following side effects, dizziness, ear canal discomfort or ringing in the ears for a short period after the procedure has been done, these effects are temporary.

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