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A Healthy Workforce Is A Productive Workforce"

The aim of health promotion in the workplace is to provide guidance to employees on looking after their own health to ensure less working days lost due to absence and to make workers healthier, to ensure greater productivity and overall profitability.

Our Health Promotion Services

We provide a comprehensive range of occupational health promotion and lifestyle information services which cover all the key areas of ensuring a healthier workforce including:

- Stress management

- Heart Health and cholesterol reduction

- Preventing and managing diabetes

- Alcohol and health

- Safe working practices

- A healthy Diet

- General men's and Women's health

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The benefits of health promotion for any company, far out weigh the costs, of having a health promotion service put in place by an experienced occupational advisor. Our health promotion services and workshops, are designed to ensure that your worker productivity is at its optimum level and days lost through absence are kept to a minimum.

If you would like to discuss our health promotion services or any aspect of our occupational health services in more detail - please contact us and we will be delighted, to discuss your individual requirements.


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