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We provide nationwide hearing surveillance and tests on site at a time convenient to you. Hearing surveillance is simply a term that means an employees hearing ability is tested on a regular basis. The purpose of hearing surveillance is to:

Check if any employees are suffering from signs of hearing damage and if they are set out steps to prevent the damage from getting worse and refer an employee for treatment if necessary. We will also check that all company control measures are working in terms of safeguarding workers hearing and we can also set up checks on a regular basis for your employees.

An employer must assess and put measures in place to eliminate or reduce risks from exposure to noise levels and protect the hearing of all employees. In terms of noise it's important that a company provides hearing protection if required and ensures that all noise controls are properly used and the company provides information and training for all employees and also keeps detailed records.

When we conduct each audiometric test we will explain the results to your employee, report our overall results and findings to you. We will also provide you with detailed reports on all employees tested for your records. If you would like to set up a hearing surveillance program for your employees please contact us for more information.


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