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Onsite drug and alcohol screening including breathalyser with printout. Hepatitis B vaccines available now no shortage. Contact us now for your needs.

Our Services

"A healthy workforce is a productive workforce “

The Corporate Occupational Health services we provide include the following:

  • * Flu and Swine flu vacccinations
  • * Implement the policies working within the HR procedures of the organisation
  • * Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations
  • * Minimise and eliminate hazards
  • * Deal with cases of drug and alcohol abuse, and advise on HIV/AIDS issues
  • * Offer pre-employment health assessment
  • * Maintain relations with appropriate professional bodies and individuals
  • * Monitor the health of employees after an accident or illness and during and after pregnancy
  • * Manage clinic facilities basic health checks and first aid
  • * Advise on medical severance and ill-health retirement
  • * Advise on ergonomic issues and workplace design
  • * Promote good health education programmes
  • * Promote healthy eating
  • * Monitor symptoms of stress and offer training to support the line managers
  • * Provide advice and counselling
  • * Work with people who have special requirements and offer the best support within their working environment
  • * Do home assessments to support extra adjustments for those have the need to work from home due to medical conditions

We will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements. Please contact us for a free no obligation quote.

Hepatitis B vaccines available now. No shortage. Contact us now for your needs.


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